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Just Jaq! | A house I love

Right now I am actually in Paris – which I think is sort of confusing to my readers.  Since I shoot film – often times what you see on the blog was shot as much as 4 weeks ago.  In anticipation of this happening while I am in France for the next few days – I had to make a quick post about what it’s like to travel with a photographer… proceed.

Some times when I am ridding along in the passenger’s seat – I will get a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye that I can’t take my mind away from.  Often times, a few minutes go by before the reality sets in and I realize “We have to turn the car around!”  This was one such instance.  I was co-capitan to colleague and fellow dog lover Stacey Hedman when we drove past this stunning shack in Cape Cod.  I’m sure there is a more specifica name for the town we were in – like Sandwich or Marston Mills, or Mashpee (aren’t those awesome town names?) – but Cape Cod is all I know for sure.

We pulled over – seeking for an abandoned driveway to park the car in and let me out to walk around.  I made these two photos – mostly because of the spectacular arches, also because of the essence of light.  We photographers go on and on about light – but it’s for good reason.  Not all light is created equal … and this house might have looked abandoned (which it was) if I had driven by in just another hour (or less).

… I love this house.  I love this light. – JAQ

Cape Cod Homes real estate by Jacquelyn Poussot

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