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Just Jaq! | Porsche Driving School

Growing up with a Ford blue oval sewn into my underwear makes me a little hesitant to make this post.  Well, not to make it, but to admit publicly that I had such an amazing time driving a Porche – well that’s pushing it.  But the truth is – I DID!

 “Hello rear placed engine- I love you.”

More important than the car however, was the experience itself.  Designed by the Porsche Driving Experience team (who are REAL race car drivers) it’s made to educate a driver about their limits and then the car’s.  There are NO flaws – none.  Their timing is impeccable, they know when to ease you in and when to push you into the deep-end.  Everything is calculated perfectly!  And the result is a happy 98 miles an hour down a short straight away with an awesome corkscrew ahead to bust your balls and blow your mind.

I know that this is a unique experience – and one that built-up my confidence as a track and road driver.  And I find it simply wonderful that they have taken as much time to show off their vehicles as they do their ability to educate.

Huge thanks to Daniel for his sporty Brazilian accent and for trying to teach narrow feet how to Heel-Toe.


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