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60 Years of Marriage

In November of this year – my grandparents, Jack & Joyce TerHar Sr., will celebrate their marriage of 60 years.  Well, it’s actually a little more romantic than that.  Let me start in February 1952 (nope, I was’t around for that, but I’ve heard this story as many time as The Giving Tree) on a Friday night, my grandparents eloped.  Sweet & simple.  They were in high school, just 17 and 18 years old and they had 2 friends join them at the chapel before heading to dinner in celebration.  After dinner – they went home to their respective parent’s homes and continued to do so every night until April of the same year.

In April – a turn of events – The school year was ending and they decided announced to their parents that they had been married for a few weeks and would like to buy a home to start their life together.  Their parents were appalled and immediately had the marriage annulled. My grandfather recalls his father sending him to the priest for advice.  The priest told him “Trust me kid, in 3 months time, you won’t remember this girls name!”

As punishment, they were separated.  My grandfather was sent to Oregon to work for cousins and my grandmother was sent back to Alabama to live with relatives.

In August, my grandmother turned 18 and “by post” (not mail) my grandfather happily re-proposed all over again.  By November they remarried and 60 years later… well the rest is history.  They are the pinnacle to an amazing family legacy of three children, six grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.

Skip ahead to February 2012 – I was able to visit them in Palm Dessert just a few short days before their real anniversary.  These photos are from that weekend with just the two of them – as happy as ever.

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