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Monthly Archives: May 2012

All Aboard | International Date Festival

  Somehow I convinced my grandfather, who hates to get dirty, to go to The International Date Festival in Indio, California.  I’m not trying to say the date festival actually is dirty – just that anything that takes place outdoors (except golf ) makes my grandfather feel the need to wash his hands with an unusual […]

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Memorial Day

It’s this time of year- and all the way thru the 4th of July that I get a bit of an obsessive patriotic bug and love to listen {and shamelessly cry} repeatedly to the song “I’m proud to be an American” Thank you to all men and woman in uniform for this country “where at […]

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Presenting | Benjamin Collins Brown

  What does it explain if I believe language is the mother of its language. Every voice a child, a little stranger, born of flesh and the hole inside it. If you holler in this well, you hear it reply in the form of a question. The limits of my language are the beginnings of […]

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60 Years of Marriage

In November of this year – my grandparents, Jack & Joyce TerHar Sr., will celebrate their marriage of 60 years.  Well, it’s actually a little more romantic than that.  Let me start in February 1952 (nope, I was’t around for that, but I’ve heard this story as many time as The Giving Tree) on a […]

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