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Just Jaq! | Raw Sugar – Happy Earth Day

Sugar Mill Maui HawaiiOld Industrial building photography Maui HawaiiGreen Texture Aloe


If you don’t know me – you don’t know that I’m always infatuated with the dark(er) side.  Of Weddings, of life – and especially of the sweetest things in life – like sugar.  In July Twenty-Twelve – I was in Maui for a family holiday.  Touring by car, we drove past this sugar cane mill about a dozen times.  On the last day of my vacation – I drove to the mill and sat to observe it’s goings’ on.  Ignoring all “STAY OUT” signage and foolhardily drifting around in some scantily clad foot wear.  The textures of this antiqued industrial place was infatuating.  The air was filled with inhale-able, cane-husk confetti.  It fell like golden snow (you can see it flickering in the upper right hand corner of the photo just above).  The grounds were filled with cane caucuses – brittle and bundled and brown.  All cranes rusted – harrows full of earth and soot.  The viewscape bleeds with devastation and there is nothing to do but look on.


Raw Sugar MillVintage Industrial Building in Service Photography by Jacquelyn PoussotVintage Industrial Building still in Service Photography by Jaq PoussotIndustrial buildings make art by Jaq Poussot Poussat

All on Fuji 670GF | Portra 400

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