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Lincoln Memorial

Yesterday I briefed you on the fact that I got to rendezvous with the CCC to Washington for a very special concert at the White House – but I also should have mentioned that this was my first time visiting the U.S. capitol.  Yep- all those years of grade school and not once a trip to D.C.

Those of you who have been there as youngsters will find it no surprise that it is designed to be photogenic.  Those of you who have been there recently will not find it hard to believe that yellow stripped tape make it hard to actually create beautiful pictures. But there was one spot somewhat preserved from the machine guns and barricades – The Lincoln Memorial.  I have traveled the earth and seen hundreds of monuments of men and gods alike- and yet- this takes the cake for The Most Stunning… ever.

Plus- it’s guarded by the sweetest Parks & Rec service people that you have ever seen in your life.  John, the one pictured here, takes his camera to work.  He enjoys people watching and making sure that Lincoln’s shoes stay preserved and spit-spot.  His badge of honor is a pine-cone, adorning his hat as only a small button.

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