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Are you a Dirty Jaq?

Not sure what to get your hubby this Valentine’s Day?

What about a special photo session to photographically express your inner DIRTY JAQ?

Dirty Jaq is really a questions about what is the “Dirty” or shadow side of you that you are ready to openly proclaim to your loved-one via an introspective and private photo session. This is something that I will want to discuss with each of you privately prior to the shoot as it is very mood related and therefore will forecast the lighting and film choices that I make beforehand.


A little more involved than you might have anticipated? My reasons for proposing the question about is a means to keep this from being “Just another Boudoir Shoot” – because to be honest, that isn’t organic and the goal is to make this unique to you – and timelessly so.


To book a shoot, email info{at} … hop to!


Details, Details, Details!

– 1 Hours Phone call to discuss your inner “Dirty Jaq”

– 1/2 hour phone call of collaborative styling advice and a ReCap Style Board

– Prop hunting – per the above discussions as needed

– $25 Prop credit – to be used during the hunting

– Photo shoot with 4 rolls of elite medium format film … Ol’School

– 15-20 Gorgeous Images

– 5×5 Prints of each image from the shoot, presented in hand-stamped lingerie bag



Upgdare’ya? {special pricing thru Feb 2012}


– Add additional prop hunting time $25/per hour + incurred cost for purchases

– Add a Mini-Vid – 2-3 minutes to a tune of your choice Allow 4-5 weeks for delvery $150

– Add an extra roll of film $45.



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