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Just Jaq | Tea time with Cosby

Here is some personal work {exploring some black & white films and how they blend… or not}  of tea time with a neighbor friend of mine and her adorable pal Cosby.  He’s the ankle biter type – but his big goggly eye make every nip worth while.    

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Columbus | My 2 year Anniversary

2 years ago my husband and I found out that we would be moving to Columbus, Ohio.  Packing up our lives in New York City and relocating to the middle of the country didn’t sound like the much fun to me.  But to my surprise, Columbus is a wonderful city and the people have been […]

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Inspiration | Guest Book

  This is just such a great idea for a guest book that I had to share.  Each quest makes a finger print on the tree to make leaves!  So so sweet!  

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