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The Great Escape- a Paris Elopement


It’s the City of Lights and it has a very, very special place in my heart. This is the city where my sister was married. I was just 16 at that time and it was the first time I remember getting any attention from … Les Homme! I was totally enchanted, even with the horrid, Charles de Gualle airport.

Katherine & Kyung are from San Fransisco. They originally planned to marry in Tokyo. That was, until, the great earthquake in 2011. Kat happily relocated the wedding to Paris. The long distance wedding allowed them to keep the guest list short and intimate and just small enough to fit the entire reception on a yacht in the Seine. Truly, what could be more romantic than a private cruise, watching the Tour Eiffel glitter and gleam all the night long?

Pip Pip – to the lovely couple- Kat & Kyung! Bon chance cheries!

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